Read “Deprive and Rule” over at The Economist

On September 9th the UN’s World Food Programme released video images from a trip to the North Korean countryside showing listless orphans, their growth stunted by malnourishment. A cold start to the growing season and summer flooding has badly damaged rice and maize crops. Potato rations have been cut by a third, to two a person each day.

North Korea should, by rights, be tottering under the weight of its spectacular economic mismanagement. It is in the midst of a shaky succession process, which is hard for any totalitarian regime, let alone one where the chubby heir-apparent, Mr Kim’s son, Kim Jong Un, is little known or loved.

Related to our movie screening this week, Hiding is about the struggles of North Korean refugees and is being shown on Whitman’s campus by the Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) organisation. Come watch at 7pm on Wednesday, October 5th in Olin 130.

Come to our first movie screening of the year!

We are incredibly excited to be presenting Hiding, a film by the Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) organisation. LiNK is dedicated to promoting the awareness of the humanitarian and refugee crisis in North Korea, watch the above beautifully produced trailer to get a sense of the hardships refugees face in their journey to freedom and then attend the full screening:

Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm in Olin 130

Read “America’s dangerous game at the UN" over at Al-Jazeera

The number of UN member states extending diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine has now risen to 131, leaving only 62 UN member states on the wrong side of history and humanity.

It appears that the current American strategy to defeat the State of Palestine’s UN membership application is to try to deprive Palestine of the required nine affirmative votes in the Security Council by convincing all five European members and Colombia to abstain, leaving only eight affirmative votes and thus making America’s lone negative vote not technically a “veto”.

Read “Narco elite vs oligarchy: Guatemala votes" over at Al-Jazeera

As candidates square-off in Guatemala’s presidential election, a broader political battle is transpiring away from the campaign signs and populist rhetoric: the old oligarchy is fighting to maintain its privileged position against an increasingly powerful “narco elite”. 

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